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5 Direct Mail Campaigns You Can Automate With Marketo & HubSpot

In the past, direct mail campaigns were difficult to scale because they can’t be automated like an email or a tweet. But Sendoso is changing that. Our Sending Platform’s integrations with Marketo, HubSpot, and other marketing automation platforms make it possible to automate and measure ROI for any direct mail ...


Direct Mail Unboxed: Surprise Swag Box from FullStory [Video]

In our most recent episode of Unboxed, we take a look at a playful direct mail piece from our partners at FullStory. This surprise swag kit was sent to our team in a beautifully designed box complete with FullStory’s style and accented with black crinkle paper.


3 Corporate Gift Ideas to Drive Product Adoption & Engagement [Sendoso +]

Did you know half of your best customers also shop with your competitors? So in order to keep them as customers, you must ensure that they regularly engage with your product (and enjoy the experience). That’s why it’s time for product teams to think about corporate gift ideas. Here are three ways to increase adoption, engagement, and customer experience.


4 Direct Mail Campaign Triggers for Smart OmniChannel Marketing Strategies

Utilizing a direct mail campaign in your omnichannel revenue strategy is easier than ever—thanks to the ability to automatically trigger sending. Our solution offers APIs and integrations across marketing, sales, and customer success software that enable you to set up programs that will send direct mail based on specific criteria. ...

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